Dear Parents, Teachers and Board Members,

Please supervise:

1. No running and no yelling in the school's hallways
2. No climbing up the walls (either inside or outside the building).
3. No climbing up the trees (outside the building).
4. Pre-school children should be supervised by either their parent, teacher, or school board member.
5. No other unsafe actions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us (see below) if you have any questions or will not be available at the scheduled date/time.

     Lu Youyu: 902-401-4978 (C)      Jinyu Sheng: 902-494-2718 (O), 902-440-9868 (H)

Fuhong Ding                                  Youqiao Ma: 782-234-3058 (C)


Thank you very much for your support and willingness to devoting your effort and time to the safety of our kids and the school.